Competition groups: Sonia Navarro Squads

"Sonia Navarro Squads", is a professional project ran by the school's director, Sonia Navarro, which goal is to train qualified competition groups to attend Hip Hop championship in Girona and nationally, like Rock Da House Figueres or Urban Display in Barcelona, the most important urban dance championship in Spain.

The first year's project, "SN Squads" (Antz Squad, Wasp Squad, Hip Hoppers, Ladybugs, Black Widows, i Beetles), formed by a total of 86 dancers, aged 9 to 40, have finalized the season with distinguished results: Dance Me Figueres has become the winner at Jocs Emporion with the special prize to best school at Lliga Territorial, and all "SN Squads" have reached the podium at the general classification.

Sonia Navarro feels proud, not only for the great results and the students' level, but for the "companionship and persistence" they have showed from the beginning and "the group that has been created by the dancers and Squads". "I am so satisfied and I am looking forward to facing more challenges next year", says Sonia Navarro.