Dance Classes for adults at Dance Me

Do you spend the whole day working and need to de-stress? Do you want to have a good time dancing and forget about the routine? Would you like to leave your children have an after school activity and take advantage of that time to do one for you?
If you have always wanted to dance and you have never dared, you haven’t got any more excuses: adult classes at Dance Me are here!

Dance Fit, Latin Mix or Salsa ... Dance classes for adults, parents, which will be simultaneous to the classes of their children, or on the late evening, so that you can come when you finish work!

Cuban salsa by Helena Terrades. Is your body asking for SALSA? Come and discover the most well-known dance in the world, a mix of Latin rhythms born in Cuba in the 70s and got popular in NY a few later. Stay in shape and most of all, have fun!

Latin Mix, by David de León. It is the union of different Latin dances such as salsa, bachata, merengue, mambo... An activity to dance in a dynamic, fun and intense way, addressed to all ages, with a different training.

Dance Fit, by Natalia Giménez. While your kids are dancing, you will be able to Dance Fit, an innovative formula, for those moms and dads who want to dance simultaneously to their children’s class. You will combine dance moves with fitness routines, learn how to move, you’ll enjoy the music, get fit, and most of all, have fun!

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