Sonia Navarro, Dance Me founder and director


Sonia Navarro's career in the dance world is very wide. Her first dance contact was with ballet and jazz in Sabadell, her hometown. There she discovered a world which passionated her and would leave its mark forever. Progressively, she introduced herself into new styles. She was trained in Eulàlia Castané School in modern jazz, hip hop and by great dancers and choreographers. She kept on learning classical ballet and jazz at the Company school in Barcelona.


During her time in Madrid, she studied in Chamartin’s models and dancers professional school (Madrid), where she received classic, jazz, funky and hip hop lessons. When she came back from Madrid, she started a job as a dance teacher in several dance centers in Rubí, Terrassa, etc.

Once she settled in Figueres, she continued teaching Hip Hop, with a personal style, for 5 years. At the same time, she combined dancing with her passion for babies as a Daycare teacher.


On 2010, Sonia, bravely and determined, decided it was the right time to start her own personal project and make her dream come true: open her own dance school, Dance Me.

She trained herself with Irene Pallarés at Urban Dance Factory in Barcelona, one of the best urban dance schools in Spain, following her perfectionism, professionality and willingness to evolve and offer the best to her students. There she learned new education techniques, Hip Hop basis, new urban dance styles, etc. Besides, she federated her school national and internationally with Hip Hop School titulation, a professional training which Dance Me offers exclusively throughout Girona’s province. She obtained the Urban Dance Instructor title with Irene Pallarés.


Constantly, Sonia Navarro, along with her teachers' team, attends masterclasses taught by national and international teachers from different dance styles (Hip Hop, Dancehall, Sexy Style, Commercial House...) in order to provide a totally update training to her students. She also participates into the biannual recycling at Hip Hop School by Irene Pallarés. Moreover, every year she gathers national and international choreographers at the Dance Me center so they can provide different styles masterclasses. Thus, the students have the chance to be highly trained with the most comfort.

Besides, once a year, Sonia, the teachers' team and students attend "New Generation Weekend", a Spain-wide school concentration where they are taught by national renown teachers.

Sonia has taken masterclasses with international and national renowned choreographers such Kobi Rozenfeld, Yanis Marshall, Shiva, André Mc Intyre, Kanga, Maribel del Pino, David Garcia, Albert Le Wack, Marcos Martínez, Sarah Coral, Karol Galindo, Isaac Suárez, Magalí Jou, Artis, Adam Pérez, Sergi Orduña, Kiko López, Bru Vidal, Bea Villaboll, Indee Styla, Espe Bastida, Rafa Ponferrada, Sebastian Linares, Wendy Garcia, Mario&Cristian, Paula Gallardo, Úrsula Aguilera o Flora Saez.


As a dancer, she has participated in various music videos, parades and performances. As a choreographer, she stands out for her participation in several territorial championships along with crews from the school, where they have obtained amazing results.

On 2016, Sonia Navarro has launched a new project called "SN Squads", 5 professional competition groups formed by 86 school dancers aged between 9 and 40. On her first year with this project, SN Squads have finalized the season with distinguished results: Dance Me Figueres has become the winner at Jocs Emporion with the special prize to best school at Lliga Territorial, and all "SN Squads" have reached the podium at the general classification.

Nationally, Sonia has participated in the recognised Snap Festival event in Barcelona, which gathers the best Spanish choreographers annually and shows performances by her and 30 school dancers. She has also choreographed Stay with me music video by DJ Marsal Ventura and singer Larrick Ebanks, and performances by singers David Tavare or Melissa.

At present, Sonia has her own Youtube channel (Sonia Navarro) where she presents her noted work and choreographies with Dance Me students.


Since she founded Dance Me along with Ruben Rider (her husband and the school co-director), they have prepared end-of-year festivals with huge professionality, creativity and imagination, with worked scenographies, topics, and audiovisual projections, which have amazed relatives and friends every year for its creativity, imagination and professionality. The festivals' success is so enormous that the last 3 editions were sold out on both sessions, and in 2016, they have done 3 sessions that have packed El Jardí theatre, which has a big capacity.

“Dance is infinite, like creativity. You never know enough. I am always on constant training to offer and teach the students everything I know. I like my dancers to know as well as me all the urban dance styles, so in the future, if they want to be professional dancers, they can be versatile and can decide which style represents them.”
Sonia Navarro